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    I’m a self-taught artist, and when I started making art I thought I would stick to drawing and painting, two-dimensional arts. But my interest in the frames I used for my wood panel paintings moved me into another direction.   Although frames are associated with 2-D work, they are 3-dimensional objects, and this aspect of frames led me to sculpture.  My first works were on paper, like the drawing to the left, and I framed them with conventional frames (this work is shown unframed but was framed in plain black metal).

    Snow Queen

    pencil and crayon on paper

    31" x 30"




    Not For Sale
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    I then moved from paper to canvas and got rid of frames altogether, instead, continuing the painting on the sides of the stretched canvas.

    Drawn Curtain/Stealthy Dancer
    oil on canvas
    60" x 40"

    Not For Sale
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    Next, I painted on wood panel.  I framed my wood panel paintings with found frames and then decided to carve into the wood panel, picking up carved elements from the frame and altering the frame with additional carving.

    pencil and oil on wood panel and found carved wood frame with added carving
    27" x 23"




    Not For Sale
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    I eventually made my own carved and detailed frames from scratch. The frames, then, in a way, took over; my work evolved into full-blown wood carving and construction, which I now pursue exclusively.

    The Brothers
    pencil and oil on paper with carved wood frame

    79" x 51"


    Not For Sale
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    Nevertheless, I feel that I haven't really left 2-D and the frame behind.  Aside from the obvious connections to my 2-D work (the presence of figures, the use of pencil and paint), many of my bas-reliefs and even free-standing sculptures have frames or frame pieces in them, or at least have some sort of border, carved or drawn.

    found frame in a bas-relief

    detail of Shattered
    (full image in wall sculpture portfolio)

    Not For Sale
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    a reference to the frame in a free-standing sculpture

    detail of Dance/Discuss
    (full image in free-standing sculpture portfolio)

    Not For Sale
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